and supply chain

Logistics is one of the main functions within our group companies and a separate division is involved in the logistic management that includes the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling and packaging.

In order to improve our buying power, ensure uniformity, and control abuse, the Group has centralized purchase and delivery facilities.

The Group's annual purchase of foodstuff and other materials is approximately US$ 40,000,000/-.

The Group fleet consists of 129 vehicles, 31 of which are used for distribution and deliveries making 75,000 kilometers per month and cover all parts of the Sultanate:
Khasab - 500 km. from Muscat
Salalah - 1050 km. from Muscat
Fahud - 320 km. from Muscat
Safah - 515 km. from Muscat
Haima - 540 km. from Muscat
Sur - 337 km. from Muscat
Nizwa - 140 km. from Muscat
Nimr - 750 km. from Muscat
Marmul - 820 km. from Muscat

All distribution fleet vehicles are fitted with IVMS and other HSE devices and are driven by qualified, experienced and trained Omani drivers who have attended successfully Defensive Driving Course.

Storage Facilities

Capital Area
Warehouse - 2,800 square metres of temperature controlled space
Cold Stores - 1,250 cubic metres
Frozen Stores - 320 cubic metres

Warehouse - 450 square metres of temperature controlled space
Cold Stores - 220 cubic metres
Frozen Stores - 65 cubic metres