Today, procurement plans became an integral part of any business success, therefore, AA Group of Companies has established a department solely for procurement. Related plans are in place in accordance with company's contractual obligations and cover both local products and imported goods.

Our procurement is only solicited from a list of approved suppliers who have met stringent criteria that include creditability, reputation and willingness to honour commitments. We are following specific criteria for procurements as mentioned below:

Local Products

It is our policy to give preference to buy locally produced goods subject to competitive prices, meeting required specifications and agreed delivery period.

Supplier Capacity and Reliability

We consider reliability and track record of suppliers who are capable to deliver items as per specifications.

Quality of Products

We select goods in line with our contracts requirements and specifications.

Minimum Stock Level

To avoid delay in shipment that occurs between time of placing an order and receipts of products into our own central warehouse, we always keep stock up to three months safety level as well as contact with alternative suppliers as backup.

Warranty Issues

In order to ensure continuity of high quality products, stable prices and competitiveness, we have long term contracts with approved suppliers locally and overseas. Such contracts are being awarded further to tendering process taking into consideration all aspects.

Lower Lead Times – Systems Efficiency

In order to ensure lead time issues and avoiding adverse impact on company business, we deal with suppliers who have efficient and tested systems.