Over the years, AA Group of Companies maintained a solid commitment toward Quality, Food Safety, Staff Health and Environment which became an integral part of our culture.

We demonstrate our commitment to safety through leading by example. As a team, we set the standards and promote a culture where safety is a core value to each and every employee.

Our commitment was translated into policies that promote a high health and safety culture among the company personnel from the top of the pyramid till its bottom. Such culture succeeded to enhance the safe practices, increased the two ways trust and ensured the highest Quality of Services.

Our records, Certificates and Rewards reflect our QHSE commitment, culture and practices in the company safety image that worked hard along with its competent staff to achieve that milestone.

In regards to international standards, the AA Group of Companies is constantly looking for any system that may enhance Food Safety and Staff Welfare.

To date, The AA Group has achieved two certificates through well-known bodies, the Quality Management system ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP Codex Alimentarius and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management (In Progress)

When it comes to Transportation, AA Group of Companies assures hundred percent abidance with the Sultanate of Oman traffic laws and regulations through the installation of an interactive In-Vehicle Monitoring System that allow real-time fleet monitoring and stop violations at source.

Environmentally, AA Group of Companies ensures the protection of all the surroundings and limits its footprint to the lowest by ensuring the following: purchase the safest product, stop the use of any CFC containing aerosol, segregate the waste at source, recover all the burned and used cooking oil, ensure the use of safest pesticides with the shortest half-life and the lowest effect on the ecosystem where operations take place.

In line with contract specifications and in order to establish professional guidelines to carry out the specified works, AA Group of Companies has developed detailed Risk Hazard Assessments (RHA), Hazard Effects Management Process (HEMP), Health Risk Assessments (HRA) and a Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM) to cover all different activities included in the Scope of Work and the Companies core business.

Added to the above, the senior management of AA Group of Companies ensures a continual workplace visits and an open door policy that allow the escalation of any unsafe matter through any of the employees to the highest level where it will be treated responsibly.

Our Policies